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Doctrine and Covenants 29:8

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your Survival List

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It's been a while!  I'm been really busy working on several things that will come up later on (once I get them finished).  But I thought I would share with you a list I have been putting together.  I call this my Survival List. It is basically a list of all of the non-food items I can possibly think of that I would need for a year if there was not a place to go to purchase things. This is an ever growing list.  I add items to this list almost daily when I think of them, so this is by no means a complete list.  And in fact, if you see something that isn't on here that you would probably put on your own list, please let me know!  This list includes generally basic items that my family uses on a day to day basis, and a few items that you could categorize as definite "survival-like" items.  

Start compiling your own list so that when you see certain items on sale at the store, you can grab them at a great price!  

Below is the list of what I have (so far) on my list.  Like I mentioned, it's by no means a complete list.  I think of new things every day! I strongly urge you to begin making one as well. I listed the item on a lined notepad, and then right next to that I added how many or how much I will need for my family for a full year.  Right now, my family is a family of 2 adults and 3 kids.  I always plan for more so that I don't have to change it if my family grows, or if needed, it might be able to help others (i.e. neighbors) around us in times of needs, or you can always use extra items for trading.  

Bar soap        
Feminine hygiene items        
Dental floss
Pony tail holders
Hair care products
Bandannas or other things that can be used for head coverings
Clothes (Adults might be fine on this one, but always make sure you have at least a few clothing items for your children in 1 or 2 sizes larger)          
Socks (new packages for each person)          
Shoes (Larger sizes for growing children)
Diapers (Some people buy cloth diapers and store a good number of them.  I would not suggest doing this.  Consider how much water you would need to wash cloth diapers by hand, the time it would take to do this, and remember that disease and illness spreads very quickly by feces getting on your hands/surfaces/in food etc.  This might not be a very sanitary option as well. If you have a way to do it that would work well, then this would be a great option for you.)            
Toilet Paper          
Trash bag liners          
Ziploc Bags
Aluminum Foil (can be used for cooking in as well as storing food items)
Plastic wrap (will be needed for keeping food items fresh)
Anti Fungal/ringworm treatment (you never know what you'll run into!)
Children's Tylenol/acetaminophen
Children's ibuprofen 
Adult Tylenol/acetaminophen
Adult ibuprofen 
Yeast infection treatments 
Lice treatments (Remember that lice are on the top of the list in terms of spreading disease. If someone in your family happens to get lice -- even in a non-survival atmosphere-- you would want to get rid of the lice ASAP!) 
Bag Balm (This is often times found in the pet section of super stores, or at pet stores.  It is great at healing scrapes, burns, rashes, and chapped skin. I have found it at Wal Mart for around $5 per can.  It's also great for diaper rash!)
Baby lotion
Adult Lotion
Aloe Vera
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Pectin (I have fruit trees and berry bushes I can make jam from)
Bug Repellent 
Clothespins and Strong Rope (For making a clothesline)
Guns (Pleeeeeaaasssee  be sure to buy gun locks and some kind of locking cabinet if you store guns... especially if you have children in your house or ever have children in your house.)
Some good sun hats
A large basin or a child's swimming pool (For washing clothes in)
Gardening tools 
Drinking Alcohol (I added this one in my "items" list because my family does not drink alcohol.  But -- alcohol can have it's uses in a survival situation.  It could be used for trading or for making alcohol tinctures for medicines.)  
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Bleach (Bleach can be used as a water purifier, a cleaning agent, and it also has some medicinal uses.  Storing several gallons would be beneficial.)
White Vinegar (Vinegar has many healing/antibacterial properties.  It can be used for cleaning, disinfecting, and in certain medicines.  Storing several gallons would be beneficial.)
Apple cider vinegar (Same uses as white vinegar)
Baking Soda (aside from using it in baking, it also has many uses similar to bleach and vinegars.)
Extra pair of eyeglasses or a year's supply of contacts
Rocket Stove (We'll go over these later)
Propane cooking stove
Burning briquettes 
Charcoal briquette starter
Charcoal stove
Fishing equipment
Up to date maps of where you live
solar/hand wind radio
Sewing kit
Glues (super glue, crazy glue, gorilla glue, wood glue)
Hiking boots
NON-hybrid seeds 

That's it for now! I'm sure I'll keep adding to it.  Please let me know if you have any additional items to put on the list.  Sometimes we miss even the most "obvious" things.


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