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“Be prepared in all things against the day when tribulations and desolations are sent forth upon the wicked.”
Doctrine and Covenants 29:8

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After Armageddon

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I found this video on a friend's blog, and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm 'stealing' it : ). On her blog, she says: "Considering the natural disasters recently, it is wise to be diligent in our prayers as we make provisions for the "What If's"." I find great knowledge and comfort in those words, and I think it is advice that we all could find helpful as we prepare for the future.

If you can find this as a re-run, or by some other means, I would highly recommend that you watch it. I have included all of the parts of it below, but the video quality isn't very good from Youtube.

This was done by the History Channel, and I find it incredibly informative. They make a good point to note that this is a theoretical account of the worst case scenario, but I still think we can learn from it. Who knows how things are really going to happen or if this kind of situation would ever happen, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. We know things are going to be really trying and our life as we know it will be changed, but we don't know exactly how this will happen. (Read Matthew 24 in the Bible just as an example.)

After I watched the whole thing, I realized one major point: Just by having a food and survival storage, everything would have been just fine in this instance. That's why it is SO pivotal to begin preparing now. The family could have set up an outhouse location for human waste, and then they could have stayed in their home. They would have probably still needed to defend themselves from looters, but if they were prepared, they would have been fine. They wouldn't have had to leave their home in search for more food and water.

It's incredibly eye-opening. Keep in mind it is pure conjecture. So you might find some things far fetched. Either way, it's still a good watch, and it does represent possibilities that could happen.

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